June 14, 2024

Improve Partnered Play with Vibrators and Intimacy

People think vibrators are made only for solo people but they can also act as a powerful tool for improving intimacy levels between partners in partnered play.¬†Vibradores (Vibrators) can provide a new dimension to people’s sexual experiences when they can be used with a partner.

Ways to Improve Intimacy Level

Following are some ways that can help couples explore each other’s fantasies and pleasuring moments by using vibrators:

  1. Communicate with Partner

A couple can satisfy each other’s sexual desire by having open communication with each other and they should discuss multiple things like sexual desires, boundaries, and expectations. Before using vibrators during sexual activity both of them should be comfortable with the device as it will produce immense pleasure to the female partner but it may cause some pain for the first-time user.

  1. Select Appropriate Vibrator

In the partnered play, it becomes crucial to choose the right vibrator and it should be decided by both partners according to their preferences. Some couples even enjoy using a couple’s vibrators or wearable vibrators as they provide hands-free stimulation to both people during sexual intercourse.

  1. Vibrators into Foreplay

In case your partner wants to intensify the arousal and anticipation before intercourse which is during foreplay, they can use a vibrator. They should try to explore the body of each other and start by using a vibrator with slow vibration then focus on some erogenous zones like genitals, inner thighs, or nipples that will intensify their sexual activity.

  1. Intercourse Process

There is a couple’s vibrator that can be worn by any one of the partners during sexual intercourse which will provide clitoral stimulation while having penetrative sex. It can lead to extreme orgasms for both partners where both of them will enjoy the sex time and it can even create a deeper connection with each other.

  1. Control of Vibrator

Some modern vibrators are even being controlled remotely by smartphone or through a dedicated remote control. It allows couples to take control of it and adjust the intensity of vibration according to their need. It can even act as an element of surprise and excitement during sexual intercourse. They can even try different positions and techniques that will suit both of them to get more pleasure and satisfaction.

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