May 28, 2024
Sex Life

Enjoy Your Sex Life With Different Sex Positions

When we talk about sex toys and sex positions, then the first thing that comes to our mind is a vibrator. Yes, we- vibe II is a brand new vibrating sex toy made for women. In 2010 it was launched with an improved version. Everywhere, people try to explore something new in their sex life, and we- the vibe is one of the most awaited sex tools which can benefit both men and women.

The function of we-vibe II is very simple asit can be worn internally while making love with the companion. The shape of the vibrator is C and it comes with two pads. The two major parts of a female’s body that stimulates excitement are G-spot and clitoral pad, which is targeted by we- vibe II.

Enjoy Your Sex Life

How to wear it?

You can wear G- spot pad inside the vagina, which rests against the walls and tightly hold the G-spot tip. When you insert that pad, then initially, it opens very flexibly, due to which it becomes easy for you to wear a clitoral pad that lies against the labia and helps in stimulating the clitoris. The penis of your beloved can rest underneath this sex toy safely. In this process, you will also get equal pleasure and stimulation because his penis tip feels the vibration. At the same time, you will experience electrifying vibrations internally as well as externally.

We-vibe contains two motors; one is fixed with a g-spot pad and another with a clitoral pad. Both of them can create a sensation in a woman’s body and sync. To experience a unique and outstanding feeling in your body, make sure you buy a new version of the we- vibe. Earlier, it was very awkward for a lady to switch off the button to stop vibrations after gaining pleasure because the button was inside. With lubricated hands, it was slippery. But now, in we-vibe II, the technology has shifted to a clitoral pad, and it can be easily switched on and off by squeezing the button, which is now located on the tip of the clitoral pad.

Therefore, lovemaking was not so thrilling and seductive earlier but since a device made up of silicon skin came in the market, sexual desires got a new platform. Now you can make your romantic life more exciting and fun by using we- vibe II. It is eco-friendly and very simple to use, so when your man shows interest in you going on a sexual ride, they wear- the vibe and let him enjoy it equally with you for the most memorablesensual, and pleasurable moments of life.

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