June 13, 2024
Dating Apps

Know More About Dating Apps

In this modern world dating apps are like new way of manifestation where people of any age mollycoddle their loved one and experience the new colors of dating. Earlier they would exist a company which was itself a pioneer of online dating industry later as time changes few applications regarding online dating have evolved. Services of all about FetLife are expected to have reached 413 million active users worldwide by the end of 2023.


  • Social and commercial institutions that facilitate courtship and marriage are diverse and long standing.
  • Before the internet and first dating site, people met at school and university and also through friends and relatives.
  • But with the advent of the internet when online dating began, the situation changes dramatically.
  • Since the 90s of last century communication began to move to the internet.
  • In 1995,a team from Harvard University created match the world’s first computer dating service.
  • By the way a similar process is still used by many dating sites. It was during this period that people began to find their first love online on a dating site.
  • Internet dating gradually became popular and by 2010, number of acquaintances made with the help of dating sites.
  • Later in response to the paid match.com a Russian language version mamba appeared.
  • There was no subscription fee for access but you had to pay to have your profile noticed.
  • This is how online dating began and became popular among the Russian-speaking audience.


Types of dating apps:

There are various dating apps at present and have been categorized according to their nature. We have categorized dating apps into three types. They are as follows:

  • Hook-up: Hook-up is an instant connection between two people. It has been a usual activity over these years. Most of us have a busy schedule, and it is difficult to take out time for going on dates, talking over the phone, and fear of commitment. Therefore, most people look for an alternative for a serious relationship. Hook-up does not require a long-term relationship commitment and does not result inheartbreak. Such relationships are casual and do not require effort or time. These apps are made for the convenience of busy people or for commitment-phobic. These can give your relation a new path other than breaking up.
  • Couple friendly: There is another section of the single community looking for true love and serious relationships. We sometimes look around but do not get attracted to people nearby. There are a couple of friendly apps for these romantic singles that give us access to find our ideal partner depending on our preferences, requirements, and Here, we do not get many options like hook-up apps because they only connect the suitable person who possesses the qualities we are looking for in our love partner.
  • LGBT community: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has got legal rights in many countries. There is a large section of singles who are attracted to the same sex or both sexes. Some apps are made to fulfill the desires of the LGBT community and help them find love partners. These apps were made on huge demand and are highly requested category of dating apps.

Some other dating and texting apps on the internet can be downloaded for free from the play store. Some dating apps also are based on distance meter and show only people who are near us. Women-centered dating apps are also free, which gives the only woman to make the first move.

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